Cabin life: Part 3

A tiny cabin in the woods, completely isolated, surrounded by trees, wildlife, a swimmable pond, some wine, comfort food, warm fire, heartfelt talks, and quality time spent with my husband. Cozy and comfortable cabin to unplug and reconnect with nature and ourselves; that sounds like a perfect and well-spent weekend in the woods. Now let me tell you all about this little cabin and what heaven on earth looks like. 

Welcome to Cabin on the 9

The perfect tiny house situated in Mono, Ontario, Canada, and hosted by Bill and Loreto who were very hospitable, welcoming, and accommodating and definitely made us feel at home from the start when Bill took us on tour to show us the whole property. What’s nice about this cabin is that you might feel like you are on another planet all by yourself, but truthfully you are only a few minutes away from Orangeville city. You will find plenty of restaurants, shops, and boutiques so take a stroll in the city and enjoy it all. 

Not to mention some activities you can do nearby such as provincial parks, hiking trails, outdoor activities, spa, winery, and other attractions to see. 

This cabin is everything, let me tell you what I mean by that! Cozy, peaceful, and rustic oasis isolated on 15 acres in the midst of the woods, perfect for a couples getaway to unwind, relax and enjoy nature and every breath of fresh air. 

This tiny house is very well equipped with a wood-burning stove, coffee table, small fridge, compost toilet, coffee maker, a queen size mattress on the second floor, bbq outside. Not only that, but you have full access to the guest house (main house) which is a 2 min walk from the cabin where you get to share a fully equipped kitchen, gym, and you have your own shower and bathroom.

The best part about this cabin is the private 1/2 acre pond you get to enjoy all for yourself. It is swimmable in the summer and there is a paddleboard available for your convenience. Whether you sit by the pond or on the porch, the landscape is just picture perfect and way too beautiful for the eye to miss. 

How we spent our time here

As soon as we arrived, Bill greeted us and immediately took us on tour around the property, and provided thorough information. We didn’t know where to start since we were just overwhelmed with the beauty of this place. 

We settled down, put our stuff in the cabin, and as soon as you know it, we were out exploring the place. We were so lucky to have landed on a beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine and the pond was just sparkling. We took a stroll down in the forest, surrounded by very tall trees, listening to nature sounds, and birds chirping. Now close your eyes and imagine that in your head, Sounds just perfect right?!!

We really enjoyed having the gym, which included a ping-pong table ( Andrew was very pleased by that because he loves playing ping-pong).  

We spent some time on the water with the floating raft, watched the sunset while setting the fireplace to keep the cabin warm since it got a bit chilly in the evening. We snuggled upstairs and ended the night chatting. I have something for the smell of the fireplace, I don’t know what it is but it just puts me to sleep immediately, and I’m not the one who easily falls asleep. 

We were delighted by the fact that we had a coffee maker in the cabin. Every morning we sipped our cup of coffee on the porch while watching the sunrise. Truly the most peaceful experience. 

How to Create Magical Photoshoot at a cabin?

Basic photography skills, creativity, and your vision are all you need when you want to create a magical photoshoot. I’ve never taken any photography courses neither did anyone teach me, I just taught myself throughout the past few years alongside my husband. So don’t feel bad, I’m not a professional photographer by any means, I just put my whole heart and passion into it and hope my vision turns out just the way I imagine it. Sometimes you just need to break out of your comfort zone and inspire yourself creatively and most importantly embrace the process because it will take a few or many tries to get it right!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning the photoshoot:


When I start planning our trips, I always try to look for unique places and vibes especially when I have a photoshoot in mind. Finding the perfect place is key, not only for pictures but also for the experience. I am not the one who likes to do the same thing over and over again. I like to try different things every trip and in this case, I chose this rustic, cozy cabin. 


Having a vision before the actual photo shoot is very important. I imagine what my photos would look like when I have the place already booked up. Then I start looking into what outfits and accessories to wear, I look for interesting locations that I think will go well with the outfits, and finally the proper posing. 


I usually present my ideas and vision to my husband Andrew since he is the one who normally takes all my pictures, I start explaining to him what I would like to achieve by the end of the shoot. I then put together a plan on what, where, and when the shoot is happening for a specific look.  Also, I would show him different posing ideas so he can visualize exactly what I’m looking for myself and the both of us. I like mixing things up, so I make sure the composition is on point, different lenses are ready, If I want wide-angle or close-ups, and I make sure I have detail shots included. When it’s both of us in the picture, we normally have a tripod, so make sure all your gear is ready beforehand so you won’t be missing anything when you get there. 


When I want to shoot I always try to think outside the box. How can I make my pictures interesting and what would make them stand out? Incorporating props in pictures is key to create a more coherent theme. to spice up your landscape or portraits, props are a great and effective way to fix up bland photos. For instance, I like to include flowers in my pictures because flowers are beautiful, they catch the eye and also adds a pop of color. You can basically add anything to your pictures, you just have to expand your imagination and creativity and you will end up with beautiful pictures. 

Our stay here was nothing short of a magical, serene, and incredible experience from the moment we arrived and till the end. If you want to get grounded for a bit and a complete slow down from the hustle, this place is for you.

I was totally vibing here enjoying the woods barefoot, the simplicity of life, and every fresh of breath air. Also, not to mention that I felt like this place is straight out of a fairytale.